Active Revision (diary entry)

kneebardetailsThe seventh part of CCMA’s submission grappling/ground-fighting for martial arts cross training involved a lot of live engagement of techniques and active revision before we covered some new techniques. The client has so far covered pins, escapes, closed guard and mid-range guard concepts.

We began with some warm-up sparring. If performed with trustworthy training partners and mindfulness, sparring can be a low-risk warm-up activity. There are few more relevant or specific exercises than to actually do the activity you are there train. Sparring from cold should begin with a degree of compliancy from both individuals, flowing backwards and forwards through techniques. It begins as a form of freestyle drilling and pressure naturally intensifies as time moves on. It is important to not do full-range techniques at the beginning and to work on specific areas of revision. In a coach/pupil scenario, the more experienced fighter can help create opportunities and situations for the pupil to test themselves on certain areas. Sparring is a discipline unto itself, where a lot of knowledge and experience can be gained if it is channelled and managed properly.

After the warm-up we began going back over the material. This was particular important to this client as an injury outside of training had meant he hadn’t been able to train on this course for two sessions and we focused on another fighting range instead. We went back to the beginning and worked through transitioning pins. This was followed by three basic leg submissions from closed guard followed by work from the butterfly and half-guard. We then revised passing guard.

Tonight’s new techniques were knee-bar from half-guard and Kimura arm-lock from the north south pinning position.

kimura north south

Photo Credits: for the knee bar and for the Kimura from north south position.