A New Training Term Begins (diary entry)

law self defence03.10.18


Today I re-started my self-defence/Mixed Martial Arts programme at Kingham Hill School. My mandate, as usual, is to teach fundamentals of self-defence in line the CCMA approach to training and introduce the students to Mixed Martial Arts. All self-defence training I teach has to be underpinned by good personal security and soft skill information. Self-defence, as explained to those in attendance, is a legal term. Anyone who purports to teach classes under the heading “self-defence” should have a rudimentary understanding of how the law of the country relates to this subject.


We began with a discussion on having the right attitude. That is the attitude of being switched on to avoid a potentially dangerous situation to commit to training information to have the character to be able to resist peer pressure and the will to never give in should a situation become violent. We then discussed awareness. Next we moved onto the legality of self-defence and the justification for pre-emptive striking. In addition to providing legal precedents for this, we also set up the pre-emptive strike test.


Then we began work on the fence. This started with simply prompting the strike when personal space is breached. Then we layered in role play. Next we switched to the focus mitts to develop impact. Adding onto the strike I introduced repetitive striking and the use of a referencing hand. This was followed by clearing obstacles, such as defending arms, and then striking over obstacles.


The lesson was finished with a basic introduction to striking through postures. Rather than introducing other striking techniques I stuck to reinforcing the use of a rear hand straight strike.

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