A Footwork Pattern (diary entry)

footwork drills17.02.20

Monday night saw the seventh hour of my client’s third course on Muay Thai. Tonight we took a break from centring everything on punching and worked a lot on footwork.

We warmed up with some simple shadow boxing and specific dynamic stretching. This moved us onto footwork and I introduced a basic sequence I have been using with most of my clients. We move forwards, backwards, sidestep both ways, v-step both ways and then the switch hit v-stance backwards and forwards. These were then layered with punches and then with slipping and punches. Next we worked the reverse of the punching perspective with defences (parrying and covers). We then chained kicks and knee strikes to the punches. Finally, we used the same footwork pattern with the clinch and used knee strikes. The lesson finished with a round of sparring.


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