8 Rounds of Muay Thai (diary entry)

high knee knee (smaller) Knee strike to stomach whilst grappling (b)09.04.19

Tuesday night completed my client’s Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training course. We worked through all areas covered during the course and used the round format in order to confirm all the material. After a warmup of dynamic stretching and callisthenics, we trained for six rounds on the Thai focus mitts and two rounds of sparring.

Round 1 – footwork, basic guard, 1-4 punch/kick combinations, teep setups and basic checking

Round 2 – All of the above plus long-guard, spear knee strikes and clinch

Round 3 – Clinch-focused including diagonal knee strikes and round knee strikes

Round 4 – Sweeps from clinch, breaks from clinch into kicks and some outside boxing

Round 5 – Various from the previous four rounds plus all basic elbow strikes introduces and kick-catch counters.

Round 6 – Various from the previous five rounds plus set-ups for back-kick and spinning elbows.

Round 7 & 8 – Free sparring (no elbow strikes or knee strikes to the head)

The lesson finished with some static stretching exercises. My client’s next course will focus on wrestling/stand-up grappling.

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