Shovel Hooks, Shifting Steps & Pendulum Kicks (diary entry)

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Thursday’s lesson brough my client onto the third hour of his current Mixed Martial Arts course. As with yesterday’s client, we are looking at the level change MMA combinations drilled as live sparring exercises.

We covered all the same combinations and set-ups, using the level changing patterns. These are created to set up the downward angled straight rights, jabs and shovel hooks. Then I introduced techniques designed to cover distance on a retreating opponent. For the right shovel hook we used the Tyson/Fitzsimmons style stance switch shift whereas the liver shot used an inside angle covered by a right cross feint. After this we added the rear leg round kick to the head on the back of the right shovel hook and a pendulum round kick for the liver shot.

A note on the pendulum kick: unlike the switch-kick it is designed to cover ground and the kick remains a true lead kick. A version I have seen used in full contact karate/kickboxing uses the foot-to-foot action to chamber the lead leg. In the muay Thai version we drive the shin forward, almost like a high horizontal knee strike that then expands the kicks at the point of impact.

More Mixed Martial Art Combinations (diary entry)


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