MMA Combo 4 & Turtle Attack/Defence (diary entry)

Botley class 2 hooksprawl02.02.2022

My fourth and final clients for Wednesday were my junior MMA and senior submission grappling classes. Tonight we continued with MMA combination work, adding on jab/cross/sprawl/uppercut/lead hook/cross/double leg shot. This combination uses the momentum of the sprawl recovery to put power into the rear uppercut and the torque created by the uppercut to send in the hook then the cross and then drive forward with shoot off the front leg. We looked at front leg pivots and correct weight distribution. It is very common in these combinations to throw too much weight onto the front the leg. I increased my junior client’s two sparring round lengths to three minutes.

Senior submission grappling looked at defending and attacking the turtle position. We attacked with a rolling arm-bar and defended with a rolling knee-bar. The lesson finished with one five-minute round of sparring, starting from standing.