Dogs, Snakes and Pancakes (diary entry)

diary ground fighting 1 diary ground fighting 209.11.20

Tuesday night’s teacher consultation continued with ground-fighting revision. We used escaping side control as a starting point, covering reversals, arm-triangles and sweeping from the dog fight position. The reversal – a technique referred to by my client as a “pancake” roll – came from head-lock version of side control. Here we set up for escaping to guard and timed our reversal off our opponent countering the guard escape by putting more weight forward. The fighter immediately switches from snaking to the upa, putting their hips under their opponent’s and pushing through the under-hook created by the head-lock. We discussed the importance of not over-turning whereby the opponent can counter by taking the back. This entire part of the operation relies on getting leverage behind the opponent’s desire to block the fighter from snaking out to guard thereby turning them into side-control.

By pushing through with the under-hook, the fighter ends up with their own headlock side-control and this is a great position to start attacking with an arm triangle. I also used this opportunity to teach the snake-choke.

Going back to the original side control without the headlock, we looked at snaking out to the dog fight position and simple sweep. It was also an opportunity to cover half-guard, where the same sweep can also be executed.

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