Lockdown Partner Work (diary entry)

skype online training 3 skype online training 2 Skype online training 24.03.20


Tuesday night my teacher training introduced a new element to my online video coaching: partner work! Some individuals are locked-down with others who share their passion for martial arts. I am more than happy to coach partners, small groups or – space permitted – your entire household for the same rate as my regular one-to-ones. Last night’s lesson focused on posting, pushing and framing opponents.


We warmed up with single kick exchanges. This built up into two kick exchanges. From here my two clients used the 1, 2, 3 combination exchange. One fighter throws one then two and then three techniques in combination before the other one takes a turn. These drills should build in momentum, intensity and should be performed with footwork. Techniques should be thrown straight after an opponent lands their last one, promoting the aggressive interception of an attack.


We then went back through the clinch exiting techniques from last week (or rather I instructed via Skype!) These were clinch/knee/post/high-kick and slip/long guard/knee/push/follow up strike. With these combinations confirmed, we looked more into the use of framing, posting and pushing. This began with posting jabs, crosses and uppercuts. The point here is to intercept the shoulder rather than to block or deflect. When doing this the fighter must use an adequate defence at the same time. When posting a jab, do so on the inside and use a horizontal elbow defence to both simultaneously defend against a counter with an elbow and to deliver one after the post.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank my regular client – an experienced and excellent full-time instructor herself – and her daughter for booking me to coach their session.