Stacking against the Wall (diary entry)



Thursday night saw my junior MMA client reach the fourth hour of her course. We covered Dirty Boxing tactics, fighting against the wall, stacking and the defensive guard.


Training began with a warm-up of simple dynamic stretching and combative movement before we hit the agility ladders. We worked through stand-up, clinch and ground agility movements – jabbing inside and out, shin-checking inside the rungs, switching stance, double-leg takedowns, jump overs, bear crawls and sit-outs.


We then moved onto the focus mitts with boxing combinations leading into takedowns. We then trained on the wall using the – under-hook/shoulder-bump/knee-strike/over-hook/slashing elbow/re-pummel with reversals. This was followed by stacking a ground founder against the wall and the Khabib ground ‘n pound.


We finished with one five minute round of MMA sparring.