Agility Training for Clinch and Stand-up Fighting (diary entry)



The nephew and uncle team focused on agility and grip-breaking in the clinch as well as ring-craft in stand-up fighting. The introduction of the agility ladders and cones has had an influence on this lesson too. I brought in both agility and coordination exercises to form a good amount of the first half of each of these two lessons.


The junior clinch lesson began with the agility ladder. We covered various basic footwork exercises, including the wrestling specific hip-switching drill. Cones were used as a reaction exercise. Each coloured cone was called and the fighter had to quickly approach it and move off on an angle, retaining a low stance throughout the exercise.


After some revision with the clinching positions, I introduced the arm-drag and breaking grips. Here I encouraged a better flow into different positions for grip-fighting.

The senior class began with a warm-up on the agility ladder, including various Kickboxing relevant drills. We then moved onto the cones with several different exercises, designed to promote proactive movement around the ring. The fighter moved towards various points and immediately changed position or used a technique. This can serve as a great alternative to shadow boxing and is great for linking up techniques in transition.


We then revised our work on the flicker jab for both Boxing and Kickboxing. We also revised the pawing jab and its relationship with the long guard in Muay Thai. The lesson finished with a round of Boxing and a round of Muay Thai sparring.

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