2nd Workshop for the Witney Boys Brigade (diary entry)

Boys' Brigade

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The Witney Boys Brigade invited Clubb Chimera Martial Arts back for a one hour self defence workshop. It was great to see that nearly all the students in attendance were those who were with me last time and encouraging that they retained a lot of the information I taught them back in December. Nevertheless, we revised the soft skills section covering awareness and the effects of fear. This brought us up to the fence and pre-emption. First we drilled maintaining distance with a no-contact drill. I feel this is vital for students to understand when the correct moment is to strike pre-emptively. We then moved onto the strike itself, both a straight and hooked hand strike.


This was followed by a restriction and transition exercise with the favoured strike. This drill is designed to develop more power in the strike and to apply it from different postures in transition. We then covered some strike specific exercises, such as the press-up/straight strike. This was followed with a discussion on the importance of training fortitude – the will to survive.


The group showed enthusiasm and a promising work ethic. I look forward to teaching for the Boys Brigade again.

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