12 Rounds & Tabata Cross Arm Guard (diary entry)

Cross Arm GuardIMG_203521.12.2022

As the title to this blog describes, we took the cross-arm guard concept trained over the past two weeks and executed through 12 x 3 minute rounds of focus mitt work and then finished with a four minute tabata of punching.

After an initial warm-up, we focused on layering in slipping, dipping and weaving on top the cross-arm guard. Next we looked at the unique way certain punches are thrown from this peculiar guard. The jab, for example, is best delivered as an up-jab, coming up at a slight diagonal angle. Posting with the forearms can be used to set up hooks and uppercuts. Then we went into the rounds.

Round 1 – Jabs only

Round 2 – adding crosses (straight rights)

Round 3 – adding lead hooks

Round 4 – adding rear hooks

Round 5 – adding lead uppercuts

Round 6 – adding rear uppercuts

Round 7 – adding shovel hooks

Round 8 – adding overhand rights

Round 9 – footwork only

Round 10 – freestyle

Round 11 – catches, parries and blocks

Round 12 – freestyle


8 x ( 2 x speed straights 2 x power right cross 2 x speed shoeshines 2 x power lead hooks)