12 Rounds MMA Pad-Work (diary entry)

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Tonight my client repeated the 12 round format we used last week, but this time we mixed in more Mixed Martial Arts based work and centred certain rounds on specific techniques. The lesson was begun with a warm-up of dynamic stretching and muscle activation exercises.

Round 1 – Setting up the cross and straight right. We used double-jabs, feints and shoulder rolls to provide opportunities to throw this power punch. Only straight punches were permitted in addition to all footwork, blocks and evasions.

R0und 2 – Setting up hooks. Lead hooks were set up with rolls, jab/cross combinations, double-jab inside circling footwork and slips. Rear hooks were set up with body jabs, swarms into the body and jab/cross/lead hook combinations.

Round 3 – Uppercuts now came into play. The rear uppercut was used off back-step set-ups with jabs and footwork as well straight rights and left/right hook attacks to the head.

Round 4 – Shovel hook setups. The liver shot came off jab/cross and jab/cross/hook combinations as well as feints with the right. Spleen shots came off liver shots and right hooks.

Round 5 – The boxing section was completed with overhand rights and leads being layered into the work.

Round 6 – We stepped the MMA clinch using the belly-pad. Here I coached stand-up grappling and body shots as well as knee strikes both from the centre of the mats and against the wall.

Round 7 – We then layered all punches and knees back in along with shoots and takedown defence.

R0und 8 – Moving into kickboxing, it was time to work the teeps. Everything about this round involved teep attacks and defences whilst using teeps to open and exit combinations. This also included some southpaw work.

Round 9 – Low kicks were now set up. The low round kick was blended and tagged on the end of punching combinations as well as teeps.

Round 10 – This round was mainly based on defence and counters. I tested slips, rolls, covers, head and body blocks as well as shin-checks and teep scoops.

Round 11 – We went back to boxing two selected combinations plus speed and power work in isolation and footwork.

Round 12 – The same as round 11 with kickboxing.





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