12 Rounds (diary entry)

extreme academy tarn low thai kick


kick jamie22.05.19


Tonight’s junior and senior lesson saw considerable overlap. Both nephew and uncle cover 12 rounds between them on Muay Thai and Western Boxing.


I began the junior lesson with a round of Western Boxing on the focus mitts. This was followed by a round of Muay Thai on the Thai focus mitts. Then we did a round of clinch before we began sparring. This consisted of two rounds of Wester Boxing and two rounds of Muay Thai with different coaches.


The senior lesson began with three rounds of MMA stand-up pad-work, Boxing pad-work and Muay Thai pad-work. We then broke from the rounds with some technique specifics. We covered advanced combinations and techniques, such as jab/cross/post/jump teep and teep/knee-bomb. We then sparred for two rounds of Muay Thai.

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