12 Rounds Building-Up Session (diary entry)

freddy 12 rounder 2 freddy 12 rounder13/10/20

Hour five with my first Tuesday client was another workout session following on from last week. We have been working a lot on boxing from the outside and footwork. This time we went for a full 12 rounds. 10 of which began with building up movement foundations before adding single techniques with variations and the last two consisted of virtual sparring.

Round 1 – Basic Footwork

Round 2 – More Advanced Footwork

Round 3 – Upper body mobility with footwork

Round 4 – Jabs

Round 5 – Crosses

Round 6 – Lead Hook

Round 7 – Rear Hook

Round 8 – Lead Uppercut

Round 9 – Rear Uppercut

Round 10 – Live and Spleen Shots

Round 11 – Virtual Sparring

Round 12 – Virtual Sparring

Between each round we kept moving to mantain a steady heart rate. However, between rounds 11 and 12 I increased the intensitiy with forward and sideward shuffles as well as speed straight punches and shoe shines.

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