12 Round Shadow Sparring (diary entry)


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Due to bad weather conditions, my online client’s third hour of his second Mixed Martial Arts course took place indoors and without the heavy bag. Tonight we decided to change pace and do a 12 x 3 minute round of continuous MMA shadow training. This included direct instruction, improvisation prompts, visualisation coaching and virtual sparring. So-called rest rounds consisted of active recovery – footwork/skipping.


We warmed up with 10 minutes of dynamic stretching and fight-specific callisthenics. We then embarked on the following rounds:


Round 1: Jabs/Teeps/Posts/Scooting

Round 2: Chaining on punches

Round 3: Chaining on kicks

Round 4: Elbow strikes

Round 5: Knee strikes

Round 6: Wrestling positioning

Round 7: Takedown defence

Round 8: Takedowns

Round 9: Ground (top position)

Round 10: Ground (escapes)

Round 11: Ground (submissions)

Round 12: MMA


The lesson was then finished some static stretching exercises.

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