10 Round Workout (diary entry)

Catherine 10 round workout (2)12.10.20

Monday night saw the eighth hour of what should have been my client’s submission grappling course. However, due her bubble partner have incurred an injury whilst playing football and the current Covid-19 situation, we have had to revert back to training via Skype. I saw it as an opportunity to revisit other combative ranges.

Tonight we went back to MMA in general and agreed upon a 10 round workout to expose weak points we can look at next week. After a warm-up of dynamic stretching, I went through some footwork patterns in preparation for the more technical rounds. Below was the general format of tonight’s workout:

Round 1 – Footwork patterns and basic boxing combinations

Round 2 – More complicated boxing patterns of movement

Round 3 – Slips, ducks, pullbacks and rolling with boxing combinations and footwork

Round 4 – Basic Muay Thai

Round 5 – More complication Muay Thai patterns of movement and combinations

Round 6 – Clinch and takedowns

Round 7 – Ground-Fighting

Round 8 – Virtual pad-work and virtual sparring

Round 9 – Technique/speed/power solo work for boxing (including solo focus mitt work)

Round 10 – Technique/speed/power solo work for Muay Thai (including solo focus mitt work)

My client made a personal assessment and concluded that she would like to work on improving speed, specifically with kicks.