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Weapon Attribute Training (diary entry)

stick jamie

09.08.17   My client has just recently undergone (non-training related) minor surgery and has eight stitches. We adapted by doing some technical work that wouldn’t stress the affected area. Having not covered stick and knife work for a while we revised some basic angles of attack and built up some dexterity drills. This began with single stick – high and low. Then we brought in the knife. Next we performed a single knife on knife flow drill. This was followed […]

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Thai Clinch (diary entry)

Knee strike to head from clinch

03.08.17   At my client’s request we looked at Muay Thai. On my decision, we looked specifically at Thai clinch with a small detour into MMA. We began with a light solo warm-up of shadow boxing and technique movement patterns. This quickly moved into light partner warm-ups from the clinch. We focused on neck-wrestling from the plumb position and footwork. Gradually one-for-one technique placement followed.   Tonight I taught two lock-off positions and a breakaway/counter. This will eventually move us […]

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Muay Thai Self-Defence (dairy)


20.07.17   Tonight’s lesson brought my client to 10 hour point of his course, completing Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. This is where I like to bring clients back to the self-protection line and look at ways to integrate their attribute training into this area.   This time I looked at one aspect of the fence – a posture termed “the pleading fence” by Geoff Thompson. I mention it briefly on my “Cross Training in the Martial […]

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Bareknuckles on the Line (diary entry)


03.06.17   This morning’s lesson brought western boxing back to the self-defence line. The entire lesson was conducted barehanded, which allows the student to appreciate advantages and disadvantages of not wearing boxing gloves. In addition to applying principles taken from pre-20th century pugilism – gloved western boxing’s immediate predecessor – we looked at how the mechanics and strategies can be adapted for non-sporting interpersonal violence.   The lesson began with a quick revision of the fence. The client confirmed retention […]

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Modern Boxing’s Hook (diary entry)

Hook Punch (close) darker (small)

06.05.17   Today’s lesson on Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training brought my client up to the four and a half hour mark in his scheduled 10 hour course. We primarily focused on the hook punch, but also revised previous lesson techniques and introduced the uppercut.   We began with our standard boxing footwork warm-up using agility markers and partner training. We then moved onto the focus mitts and drilling jabs, crosses, bobbing and slipping. Modern western boxing […]

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Grappling with the Law and Black Dogs (diary entry)


08.04.17   Today’s double lesson finished off my client’s 10 hour course on Basic Self-Protection. The material mainly consisted of primal/combat grappling and post-fight strategies.   Grappling is not normally selected for frontline civilian defence. In a high risk situation the priority is usually not to become entangled and to create/maintain distance. However, the civilian needs supporting plans when the striking range deteriorates and anti-grappling is not a viable option. Besides, in order to be able to operate efficiently at […]

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Flow and Resist (diary entry)

arm bar (small)

05.04.1   Tonight’s lesson brought the various individual techniques we have been focusing on back into a chain. This encourages better flow using the guard and combination work. This was all preceded by various mobility and muscle activation exercises specific to ground grappling.   Yet again my attention was drawn to the underlying principles of the techniques. Working these submissions and sweeps requires active core engagement. The hips need to be mobile and the spine needs to be tight as […]

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Anti-Grappling Tactics (diary entry)

eye gouge standing

01.04.17   Today’s double lesson consisted of the seventh and eighth hours of my client’s basic course on self-protection. The lesson was begun with a series of relevant movement exercises, using transitioning and striking, and finished with an anti-grappling pressure test from various positions.   Previously we had moved to the threshold of anti-grappling tactics. Our over-arching strategy for a frontline civilian counter-assault is to get back into a strong striking position. Striking is the default trained method for dealing […]

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Transitioning Postures & Hook Punches (diary entry)

Defence from guard to standing7

16.03.17   Tonight’s double session comprised of the third and fourth lesson of my basic self-protection course. We layered the fence by looking at offsetting a potential risk and pre-fight conflict by setting up physical angles. This was followed by revision of lineal rear-hand striking with the addition of referencing targets and incidental combinations with new techniques. Then we moved onto hook strikes and backhand strikes with an early short deviation into multiple threats. Next we covered fighting from different […]

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Self-Protection Ground Zero (diary entry)

Angry Fence to make space

11.03.17 Today’s double lesson was with a new client. He has a background in rugby and traditional martial arts. He has decided to begin his training with me on the 10 lesson basic self-protection course. As covered in the lesson and in previous diary entries on the same subject we began with a discussion on defining self-protection. Self-protection can be divided up into soft skills that we call “personal security” and hard skills we call “self-defence”. Soft skills cover attitude, […]

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Detailed Review of Private Lessons

Jamie Clubb coaches a transitional striking drill, beginning with the fence

My process for teaching clients is always evolving and being updated. Below is the latest detailed review of lessons I offer to clients. My aim is to offer a bespoke service tailored to the demands of my client. However, I appreciate that the world of martial arts and self-protection training can be confusing so I have done my best to narrow down some simple ideas to help me construct a programme of personal lessons. Please note I use the term […]

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Elbows and Takedown Defence (diary entry)


01.02.17   Tonight we covered takedown defence with more practical application, working under pressure and the use of elbow strikes. After warming up with muscle engagement/mobility exercises for grappling, we did some mirror footwork. I then added on targeting for strikes, working from various angles. This then changed to cornering work, specifically escape from cornering. This exercise has a particular relevance to the fundamentals and principles of takedown defence, as a fighter defending a takedown needs to be wary of […]

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Takedown “Revenge” (diary entry)

Against the Cage1

25.01.17   Takedown defence training continued tonight with a focus on regaining a standing position and the use of strikes. We warmed up with our usual mobility exercises building onto grappling-style calisthenics and then we went into some basic techniques.   Two important factors – internal and external – were addressed within the psychology, strategy and muscle memory of this current subject.   Firstly, we have the internal. By internal I am talking about the fighter’s self, so to speak. […]

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Takedown Countering (diary entry)


18.01.17   Takedown defence training continued tonight, but this time the focus was totally on grappling counters and we looked primarily at the single leg takedown.   Warm Up   We began with mobility exercises – quadruped shoulder rolls, progressive scap press-ups and dynamic cat stretches.  This moved onto callisthenics – Indian press-ups and Indian squats. Then we covered more specific muscle engagement – hip thrusts, single leg hip thrusts, shoulder bridging, combat base squats and sprawling.   Grip Fighting […]

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Takedown Defence Work (diary entry)

ground and pound

11.01.17   Tonight’s focus was on takedown defence. We studied this mainly within the context of MMA fighting rather than self-defence, but the fundamentals are pretty much the same. Although anti-grappling tactics feature this isn’t the same as takedown defence, which features a lot of grappling. In fact, I would go so far as to say that wrestling offers the richest and most proven base for this part of the clinch fighting range. I know! Shock horror!   Wrestling – […]

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Feedback Loop Training in Action (diary entry)


14.12.16   Tonight we continued our sparring themed series of classes. These are lessons specifically designed to test and correct certain aspects of my client’s personal range of skills as well as tactics. It is not always easy to do this on a one-to-one basis for various reasons, but there are general observations that can be made that will aid a client to reach his potential as a martial artist and fighter. We use feedback training loops whereby drills and […]

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