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Fight to the Feet Continues to Develop (diary entry)

Defence from guard to standing7

07.03.18   Tonight we made more progress with our transitional series of lessons. This area of training is planned to be at the core of the upcoming Vagabond Warriors seminar. We warmed up with dynamic stretching and mobility exercises before getting straight into postures. Here we moved through the postures with strict form. Then we isolated each one to perform specific exercises:   • Posture one (closed guard position and fighting from the back): Bridging (upa), snaking/shrimping on the spot, […]

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Developing Footwork (diary entry)

Boxing Jab

05.03.18   My client’s second course on Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training brought him up to the seven hour mark. Building off this course, where we have focused on upper body mobility and defensive tactics, we looked more at footwork and looping punches.   The lesson began with our revision of combining footwork with head movement. This was trained through line-work, then as partner-work and then onto the focus mitts. Techniques and combinations were trained in isolation and […]

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Punches, Kicks, Submissions and Takedowns through Postures (diary entry)

armbar from guard5 (close up)

28.02.2018   The second lesson of the day continued my long-time client’s transitional combative applications. We continued to go over and develop drills. Training began with the deck squat base exercise and then we broke up the various connection points used for fighting through postures. Next the humble jab was used as the single technique to transition through the postures. We began with a double jab, overlapping the second jab across the postures. Then, in order to promote faster and […]

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Flurry and Clinch (diary entry)


24.02.18   This lesson in my client’s second course in boxing for martial arts cross training brought us up to the five and a half hour point. The purpose of this morning’s training was to work more on blending upper-body mobility with footwork and introduce some strategies. Said strategy today highlighted the use of the clinch in Western Boxing.   We began with a warm-up of line-work. First we just isolated footwork. Then we isolated upper-body movement – slipping, bobbing […]

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Testing the Transition MMA-style (diary entry)

fight back

21.02.18   As per the previous diary entry, we continued with this project on combative transitioning. This time we started to look at the possibility of having different base drills to teach different tactics, and also included some progressive specific pressure-testing.   We began our transitioning from the warm-up onwards. This started with performing bridges/upa and then sit-ups into a three-punch combination. From here we built on alternate leg-triangles into butterfly guard (mid-range guard) and the three-punch combination again. Then […]

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C.S.I. The Three Missing Fundamentals to Clear, Purposeful and Bespoke Combative Training

keyboard warriors5

Introduction – The Cross Trainer and the Information Age   The Information Age aptly describes the era of the modern mainstream martial arts cross-trainer. Unfortunately The Confusion Age is an equally fitting title. The meteoric rise of the internet has provided most in the developed world with more instant access to knowledge and data than ever before in the history of civilization. Similarly, training in multiple combative disciplines is no longer the practice of the hard-core martial arts enthusiast or […]

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Grapple ‘n Strike Transitioning Continues (diary entry)

meme multiple

14.02.18 “They said I was the fighter who got knocked down the most, but I also got up the most,”– Floyd Patterson Tonight’s lesson continued the transitioning theme for MMA and self-defence training. Our work was to hone coordinated striking and grappling techniques throughout the transitioning phases of getting up and standing. The lesson started with a series of break-fall exercises. This led us onto break-falling and regaining footing in the same motion. Then we went back to the core […]

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Grapple ‘n Strike Transitioning Begins (diary entry)

Guard for street

07.02.18   Tonight my client returned to the all-range transitioning course after a brief interval of stand-up training. After a warm-up of rudimentary dynamic stretching and specific calisthenics, we went back to the deck squat. This exercise is at the core of my transitioning work, developing the right force-vectors and muscle groups to enable individuals to fight off the ground to a stand position. The deck squat presents the fighter with a good indication on over all conditioning in relation […]

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MMA Self-Defence Adaptation

eye gouge standing

27.01.18 This morning we covered the final hour of my client’s course in Basic Mixed Martial Arts for Martial Arts Cross-Training. As with subsequent courses, the lesson brings my client back to his self-protection line. For the most part, this is a revision of the culmination of techniques taught in his original self-defence course and an examination of how strong MMA’s attributes are in this respect. MMA, being an art dealing with all ranges of unarmed combat and combining techniques […]

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Transitioning with Kicks (diary entry)


24.01.18 Tonight’s lesson continued on our theme of transitioning, still focusing on transitioning from postures. We warmed up with my current regular partner-drills that build on MMA combinations. Each new element involves at least two new ranges. This was finished with a revision of ground transitioning from pins and guard-work. We then got back to the main work in hand: going from the ground to stand-up. Our core attribute exercise for this is the deck squat. The entire movement required […]

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MMA Guard (diary entry)


20.01.18   This morning’s lesson brought us up to the nine hour point of my clients 10 hour course in Basic Mixed Martial Arts for Martial Arts Cross Training. This lesson focused on fighting from the guard position. It is the second part of the MMA ground-fighting section.   Working from the guard offers the MMA fighter with three strategies: escaping to a standing position, sweeping and submitting. The MMA fighter typically values these three options in the order I […]

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Progress with Transitioning (diary entry)


17.01.18 Tonight’s training continued my client’s series of lessons on ground to stand-up transitioning. We focused on working from the clinch starting position, combining strikes with grappling and pressure testing.   The lesson began with a warm-up of MMA partner-drills. They were of the build-up nature I have currently been using with my clients. This is a great way to build muscle memory and encourage the mixing of ranges and techniques from different martial art disciplines. Please see previous recent […]

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Striking & Submission Combinations (diary entry)


13.01.18   This morning’s lesson brought us to the seven and a half hour point of my client’s 10 hour course in Basic Mixed Martial Arts for Martial Arts Cross-Training. Our theme was ground-fighting combinations from the top position. We looked at revising all transitions from different pins and submissions, isolating striking from the various pins and then combining them. A key point being made throughout the lesson was how much a well-executed, strong position can give a fighter. A […]

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Transitioning Positions in Grappling (diary entry)


10.01.18   Following my client’s previous lesson, we are embarking on a series of classes focused on transitioning work. This is composed of various drills that can be layered and then applied under pressure. Their purpose is to promote more effective movement and general fluidity through Mixed Martial Arts and Self-Defence. Ideally the movement provides the fighter with options he can use to build on using his own experience.   We began with a series of MMA build-up warm-up exercises. […]

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Transitioning as an Art in MMA (diary entry)


04.01.18   The first official lesson of 2018 began my client on an exciting new exploratory adventure in mixed martial arts and martial arts cross-training. Having spent the latter part of 2017 focusing a lot on half-guard and its place in grappling, we decided to bring it back into MMA. However, the resulting lesson ended up exploring a more encompassing yet specific topic. We looked at our old friend, transitioning. This is a common soap box subject with me. It […]

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