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Weapon Attribute Training (diary entry)

stick jamie

09.08.17   My client has just recently undergone (non-training related) minor surgery and has eight stitches. We adapted by doing some technical work that wouldn’t stress the affected area. Having not covered stick and knife work for a while we revised some basic angles of attack and built up some dexterity drills. This began with single stick – high and low. Then we brought in the knife. Next we performed a single knife on knife flow drill. This was followed […]

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Body Shot Bob and Weave (diary entry)

08.08.17   Tonight’s double lesson continued my client’s training in the peek-a-boo fighting style of western boxing for martial arts cross training. We spent more time going deeper into footwork, upper body movement and combining the two. This began with the use of agility markers as the lesson’s warm-up. As I have said umpteen numbers of times, coordination work is great early on in any technical training session. Training puts the body under stress, which reduces our cognitive function. As […]

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DFLT on Peek-a-Boo (diary entry)


01.08.17   Tonight my client’s double lesson focused on peek-a-boo boxing tactics and techniques. We began with some footwork using agility markers. We warmed up on basic obstacle jogging and then progressed into footwork patterns, looking at angling and then incorporated bobbing and weaving. This was then brought onto an obstacle pole. This exercise involves the fighter moving under a pole and encourages good bobbing and weaving. I had him retain his peek-a-boo guard and we gradually added on various […]

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DFLT approach on Ground ‘n Pound (diary entry)

ground and pound 2

19.07.17   Tonight we continued off the previous lesson’s DFLT approach and looked at the ground. The warm-up began with dynamic stretching, mobility exercises and calisthenics before moving onto partner DFLT coaching.   The ground was split into pins and guard-work; in both instances the fighter experiences fighting from the top and position and then from underneath. He completes three one minute rounds from each position before sparring for three minutes. That means one minute attack only, one minute defence […]

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Eppur si muove (diary entry)


15.07.17   My client decided to focus on western boxing skills today. He takes a buffet-style approach to cross-training with me, having a strong background in various different fighting styles and having achieved a high degree of competency in at least two full-contact sports. He also has a background in academic teaching. The buffet approach isn’t my preferred way to conduct regular lessons, but it does have its advantages with some clients. My sessions with this client always produce interesting […]

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Putting MMA through DFLT (diary entry)

12.07.17   Tonight was my client’s first day back after his holiday. We decided to do an overall look at MMA. Warm-up consisted of light upper and lower body mobility exercises, focusing on shoulders and hips, gradually increasing intensity. Then we worked through a routine of quadruped shoulder circles, dynamic cat stretches, Indian press-ups (increasing in intensity from a dynamic stretch to a callisthenic exercise), plank squats, dynamic Asian squats and Indian squats.   Our technique warm-up began with a […]

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Knees and Clinch (diary entry)

Knee strike to stomach whilst grappling

06.07.17   Tonight my client reached the seven and a half hour point of his 10 hour course in Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. We focused specifically on knee strikes and the clinch. The lesson began with some dynamic stretching, footwork and shadow boxing before moving straight onto knee strikes.   We revised the straight and diagonal knee strikes, looking at rhythm and range. Effective knee strikes in Muay Thai work best with flow, which we spent […]

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The Power of Negative Training (diary entry)

impact (smaller)

01.07.17   This morning, my client reached the six hour point of his 10 hour course in Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training.  We spent a lot of time looking at fundamental principles of movement and positioning. My aim was to bring in knee strikes, which is a natural choice of short-range techniques to follow on from last lesson’s elbow strikes. However, in order to do this I needed to feel confident my client had a strong delivery […]

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Muay Thai Footwork and Beginning Kicks (diary entry)

shin block

08.06.17   Tonight began my client’s first hour and a half of a projected 10 hour course on Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. This is his third course with me, having previously studied self-protection and western boxing for martial arts cross training.   We began with basic Muay Thai footwork. Muay Thai’s footwork resembles Western Boxing to a certain extent. Both cover the same ranges and angles. Both have drop steps and both used a lot of […]

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Full Mixed Martial Arts Training (diary entry)

24/05/17   Tonight we looked at all ranges of Mixed Martial Arts. We began with stand-up, then moved onto clinch takedown drills, followed by Muay Thai clinch and then went through ground work before doing some integration work and sparring.   The stand-up was broken up into western boxing and Muay Thai. We built up through various punching combinations, slipping, bobbing and weaving, and basic tactics on the focus mitts. Then we switched to the Thai focus mitts. Here we […]

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High Line Takedowns (diary entry)


17.05.17   My client continued working the clinch range. Tonight we looked at stand-up grappling exclusively without integrating into MMA. I aim to do this next week, depending on how the training progresses. Last lesson mainly worked on lowline takedowns, so it made sense to go upstairs for tonight. It was a mix techniques mainly used in judo (and ju jutsu/Brazilian jiu jitsu) and one mainly used in wrestling (Greco and freestyle). We trained the one hand shoulder throw and […]

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Clinch-Work (diary entry)


10.05.17 Tonight we looked at the clinch range in MMA. We primarily focused on the wrestling application with advice on solo exercises for my client to incorporate into his regular workouts, and then briefly moved in Muay Thai clinch before finishing with two rounds of specific clinch-based sparring. The lesson warmed up with over-hook/under-hook pummelling, bulling, lowline takedown slides and single leg link-ups. We then looked at solo drills using the heavy bag and solo takedown drills. We then moved […]

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Back to the Stand-up Range (diary entry)


26.04.17   Tonight my client took a brief break from submission/ground fighting and focused on the stand-up range. Over the next few lesson we will aim to have a review of MMA to address any outstanding problems and to add to the knowledge base.   We began with Western Boxing concepts. Taking the focus mitts it was straight into footwork, progressing onto upper body movement (slipping, bobbing and weaving) and onto various angles of punches – jabs, crosses, uppercuts, hooks, […]

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Oma Plata and Open Guard (diary entry)

Tarn back mount4

19.04.17   Tonight we revised chaining and guard movement patterns before focusing on the oma plata as a sweep and a gateway into open guard training.   The lesson began with specific sport-specific callisthenics and mobility exercises moving into techniques. We then drilled the arm-bar and triangle choke applications to promote flow. We checked and discussed angulating and correct posture. The shoulder stand was covered as a means to help promote a stronger core when executing submissions from guard.   […]

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Deconstructing the Triangle Choke under Pressure (diary entry)


12.04.17   Tonight’s lesson continued my client’s series on chaining together of submissions/sweeps from closed guard. We are currently going back over individual techniques as they fall within possible combinations. Tonight we mainly looked at the triangle choke and looked at how it linked in with arm-bars and the oma plata shoulder lock.   We warmed up with mobility exercises and specific callisthenics. Whilst looking at ground movements I focused on the essence of bridging and snaking/shrimping. These are the […]

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Anti-Grappling Tactics (diary entry)

eye gouge standing

01.04.17   Today’s double lesson consisted of the seventh and eighth hours of my client’s basic course on self-protection. The lesson was begun with a series of relevant movement exercises, using transitioning and striking, and finished with an anti-grappling pressure test from various positions.   Previously we had moved to the threshold of anti-grappling tactics. Our over-arching strategy for a frontline civilian counter-assault is to get back into a strong striking position. Striking is the default trained method for dealing […]

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