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Re-Covering the Cover (diary entry)

cover close

22.11.17   Tonight’s training was all about going back through the cover tactic. This simple method has been adopted by various different martial arts schools. Quite simply, it revolves around protecting the head by using the forearms and elbows. Everything written beyond this point is my view. I find that the cover can be applied barehanded and with MMA gloves. When it comes to boxing, I feel the peek-a-boo tactic of Cus D’Amato serves as a good equivalent, but one […]

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MMA Range Training (diary entry)

ground and pound 2

15.11.17   Tonight’s MMA lesson focused on bringing everything together. This is where we look at transitioning through ranges and skillsets within a limited rules format. Although MMA isn’t self-protection training, it provides a very rich training ground for mining practical attributes and provides an excellent area to test various specialised techniques in conjunction with others.   We warmed up with some dynamic stretching; focusing a lot on unilateral bodyweight calisthenics that allow for a large range of movement i.e. […]

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Counter-Attacks in Sparring (diary entry)

Boxing Jab

27.09.17 Tonight’s sparring lesson mainly focused on stand-up. We warmed up with a series of shadow boxing exercises, including mirror work and interspersed with sets of specific calisthenics. This moved onto combination partner-work in western boxing, followed by a round of sparring and then the same procedure repeated for kickboxing. The combination training was split into counter-attacks and in-and-out attacking. This procedure was very similar to last week’s class, except that after the round of kickboxing sparring we had a […]

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Combination Transitioning Coaching (diary entry)

jab woman

20.09.17   As promised, my client focused more on Boxing/Muay Thai sparring this lesson. We warmed up with sport-specific mobility exercises, muscle activation and calisthenics. Then we continued with the shadow-boxing programme, working through different strategies for different fighters. This was first done using Western Boxing and then using Muay Thai.   We then began partner-work. Prior to Western Boxing and Muay Thai sparring we drilled a type of semi-free sparring. This began with single one-for-one techniques, which then built […]

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Shadow Boxing, Kicks vs Punches & Sparring (diary entry)


13.09.17 We began with a very specific warm-up focusing on shadow boxing. Having been an individual that has had to rely on a lot of solo training, I am keen to ensure that my clients receive a lot of information on how to maintain and improve material being taught in lessons. Shadow boxing is a very under-rated tool and it requires a good deal of mental input. Typically a fighter’s shadow boxing is not reflective of the way he actually […]

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Asymmestrical Combinations (diary entry)


06.09.17   Tonight’s lesson looked at punching around the clock, drawing an opponent and asymmetrical combinations. We trained in Western Boxing and Muay Thai concepts with some ideas transferred over from Dutch Kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do.   The warm-up consisted of mirror footwork and placing strikes. We punched around the clock, which is means we used an imaginary clock-face to dictate angles of punches. We jabbed, crossed, anchor-punches, overhand punched, classic hook-punched off both hands, liver-punched, spleen-punched and classic […]

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Trapping for Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA (diary entry)

30.08.17 Tonight my client focused on trapping and striking. Having spent the previous two lessons working mainly on weapon-related training, I decided to start with an overview of boxing and using the jab to develop an efficient trapping entry tool. We began with a basic range-finding jab. These are thrown out in multiples, testing the guard and setting up for the rear hand. The emphasis was on fluidity and technique, which then helped develop speed. From here we brought in […]

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Targets Dictate Weapons (diary entry)


16.08.17   My client is still recovering from a minor operation and still has stitches, so I decided to continue his dexterity training. This will hopefully serve as a good period of speed and technique attribute development.   We used handheld weapons to help dictate the pace and focused entirely on two angles of attack that are commonly taught as the first two angles in several Southeast Asian weapon arts. Angle one is a diagonal forehand strike and angle two […]

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Body Shot Bob and Weave (diary entry)

08.08.17   Tonight’s double lesson continued my client’s training in the peek-a-boo fighting style of western boxing for martial arts cross training. We spent more time going deeper into footwork, upper body movement and combining the two. This began with the use of agility markers as the lesson’s warm-up. As I have said umpteen numbers of times, coordination work is great early on in any technical training session. Training puts the body under stress, which reduces our cognitive function. As […]

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DFLT on Peek-a-Boo (diary entry)


01.08.17   Tonight my client’s double lesson focused on peek-a-boo boxing tactics and techniques. We began with some footwork using agility markers. We warmed up on basic obstacle jogging and then progressed into footwork patterns, looking at angling and then incorporated bobbing and weaving. This was then brought onto an obstacle pole. This exercise involves the fighter moving under a pole and encourages good bobbing and weaving. I had him retain his peek-a-boo guard and we gradually added on various […]

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Eppur si muove (diary entry)


15.07.17   My client decided to focus on western boxing skills today. He takes a buffet-style approach to cross-training with me, having a strong background in various different fighting styles and having achieved a high degree of competency in at least two full-contact sports. He also has a background in academic teaching. The buffet approach isn’t my preferred way to conduct regular lessons, but it does have its advantages with some clients. My sessions with this client always produce interesting […]

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Teep and Round Kick – Execution & Countering (diary entry)

shin block

15.06.17   Tonight’s lesson on basic Muay Thai for martial arts cross training brought us up to the three hour mark. We focused further incorporating round kicks into basic combinations as well as working on some of the finer details of execution.   We warmed up with some specific mobility exercises and calisthenics. This began with the simply arm and waist rotations, moving onto the Indian press-up (dands). This excellent exercise is usually reserved for grappling – being a staple […]

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Muay Thai Footwork and Beginning Kicks (diary entry)

shin block

08.06.17   Tonight began my client’s first hour and a half of a projected 10 hour course on Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. This is his third course with me, having previously studied self-protection and western boxing for martial arts cross training.   We began with basic Muay Thai footwork. Muay Thai’s footwork resembles Western Boxing to a certain extent. Both cover the same ranges and angles. Both have drop steps and both used a lot of […]

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Bareknuckles on the Line (diary entry)


03.06.17   This morning’s lesson brought western boxing back to the self-defence line. The entire lesson was conducted barehanded, which allows the student to appreciate advantages and disadvantages of not wearing boxing gloves. In addition to applying principles taken from pre-20th century pugilism – gloved western boxing’s immediate predecessor – we looked at how the mechanics and strategies can be adapted for non-sporting interpersonal violence.   The lesson began with a quick revision of the fence. The client confirmed retention […]

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More than the Sum of its Parts? (Diary Entry)

muay thai

31.05.17   Is Mixed Martial Arts an art unto itself or the just sum of its parts? I have long gone with the former, but the issue is more complex than that. Martial arts specialise in different areas of a conflict. Although it is true that there are many examples of comprehensive systems of combat, all these arts will orientate towards one area. MMA doesn’t. In fact, it goes through trends. For a long time the Vale Tudo influence made […]

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Boxing Under Pressure (diary entry)

25/05/17   Tonight’s lesson brought us up to the nine hour mark of a basic course in western boxing for martial arts cross training. Therefore, this is the penultimate lesson in this course. Next time we will be taking our training back to the self-defence line. Tonight our focus was on bringing all the boxing training together and progressively applying it under pressure. I don’t hold with the false notion that if you teach the art precisely the student will […]

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