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This is it! The Vagabond Warriors intelligent training approach shifts to its next natural stage. Now we offer one of the most comprehensive services on the seminar circuit. No longer will th seminar be the beginning and end of your training experience. Vagabond Warriors is a service-driven approach to individualistic cross-training in functional martial arts. From your confirmation of attendance you will be given information on the programme and be actively engaged with the training experience. It is therefore very important to book in advance. The session will include a full electronic presentation programme, heaps of resources and access to a full range of equipment and facilities at the Telford venue. After the session the student will be provided with after-service coaching and research materials.

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We live in an age where information has never been more accessible. Long gone are the days when most martial arts schools jealously restricted their students from being able to train in other disciplines. CCMA was not born out of a tradition or culture, but honours the spirit of the nomadic fighter and the scientific method. “Vagabond Warriors”, created by Jamie Clubb the presenter/writer behind the best-selling DVD series Cross Training in the Martial Arts, offers students and instructors, regardless of their level of experience, an opportunity to experiment, research, test and evaluate different training methods. Our unique workshops and seminars develop training regimes with groups of like-minded free-thinking people to further the study of effective and efficient methods for self defence and combat sports.


The following three areas are the most lacking in the education of combative systems – be they for self defence or sport – and “Vagabond Warriors” uses them as guide for our training programmes.


C.S.I. – Clarification, Scepticism and Individuality


Clarification – Beginning with the objective in mind. Defining and addressing everything we do with a clear single short-term and long-term target. Objectives dictate the exercise from the warm-up movements you do to the classes you choose.


Scepticism – Rational critical thinking. We find flaws in training exercises in order to progress learning experiences and to reduce personal weaknesses. CCMA tests concepts and creates experiments to test claims.


Individuality – Interpersonal violence is personal, so above all else the single learner should be at the centre of all aspects of training.


Regular monthly workshops are held at St. Nicholas School, Kenilworth. Check our calendar for dates and times. Seminars, private lessons and courses can be booked around this theme.


Click below for a typical days training with Vagabond Warriors:


Venue: the Court Works Industrial Esatate, Bridgenorth Road, Madeley, Telford, TF7 4JB. (Opposite the Three Furnaces Pub and next door to the Halfords Auto Centre)


Price: £50 for a pay-on-the-day booking. Concessions for advance bookings, bookings via the British Combat Association and heavy discounts for those committing to monthly Vagabond Warriors training at Telford.

IMPORTANT: In order to get the best service possible out of the Vagabond Warriors seminar you will need to register with a deposit. We can then send you out pre-seminar information and a training questionnaire.

HOWEVER! If you cannot make this date but would like to be kept in the loop with information relating to seminars we are offering a non-attendance consultancy fee. This will entitle you membership to the temporary discussion group and receive one-to-one distance coaching by Jamie Clubb. This is priced @ £10 for this first seminar.

Contact: 07940726311


What others have to say about Vagabond Warriors -

"For those of you new to VW I have to add that attending a mere two VW seminars last year totally transformed my approach, attitude and content of my training and that of the students I have under my guidance. For example, the VW framework helped me deal with the repercussions of a torn hamstring in November and, to cut to the conclusion, saw me switching from dabbling in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to seriously studying Combat JuJitsu under Kevin O'Hagan, having applied some critical thinking to my goals. In terms of the Wing Chun club I co-instruct, gone are the jumping jacks etc. and functional, combative warm ups are in place, using exercises and ideas learnt first hand from Jamie and then devising others based on the VW criteria. The WC students love them, and the harder I push them, the bigger the smiles. Once they can breathe again. My fellow instructor has now mined his extensive repertoire of bodyweight functional exercise to balance my combat-focus with similar reactions from the students." - Andras Millward, FAST Defence instructor and instructor at Kamon Wing Chun, Southville

"Perhaps the number one modern and emerging expert mind in Reality Based Self Defence. The person I believe will be a world leader in self defence instruction. Check out Mr Jamie Clubb" - Andrew Holland, Masac Ju Jitsu


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