Targets Dictate Weapons (diary entry)


16.08.17   My client is still recovering from a minor operation and still has stitches, so I decided to continue his dexterity training. This will hopefully serve as a good period of speed and technique attribute development.   We used handheld weapons to help dictate the pace and focused entirely on two angles of attack that are commonly taught as the first two angles in several Southeast Asian weapon arts. Angle one is a diagonal forehand strike and angle two […]

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Wrestling begins (diary entry)

body clinch

12.08.17   Today we began my client’s 10 hour course on basic wrestling for martial arts cross-training. This is an eclectic course, combining aspects of non-jacketed stand-up grappling combat sports. We focus on the clinch range of MMA without striking – grips, takedowns and takedown defence. Pinning, although covered, is left more to the groundwork/submission grappling course.   We began with a footwork warm-up. This included lateral movement with a low stance and backwards running, which can help develop lowline […]

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Weapon Attribute Training (diary entry)

stick jamie

09.08.17   My client has just recently undergone (non-training related) minor surgery and has eight stitches. We adapted by doing some technical work that wouldn’t stress the affected area. Having not covered stick and knife work for a while we revised some basic angles of attack and built up some dexterity drills. This began with single stick – high and low. Then we brought in the knife. Next we performed a single knife on knife flow drill. This was followed […]

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Body Shot Bob and Weave (diary entry)

08.08.17   Tonight’s double lesson continued my client’s training in the peek-a-boo fighting style of western boxing for martial arts cross training. We spent more time going deeper into footwork, upper body movement and combining the two. This began with the use of agility markers as the lesson’s warm-up. As I have said umpteen numbers of times, coordination work is great early on in any technical training session. Training puts the body under stress, which reduces our cognitive function. As […]

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Thai Clinch (diary entry)

Knee strike to head from clinch

03.08.17   At my client’s request we looked at Muay Thai. On my decision, we looked specifically at Thai clinch with a small detour into MMA. We began with a light solo warm-up of shadow boxing and technique movement patterns. This quickly moved into light partner warm-ups from the clinch. We focused on neck-wrestling from the plumb position and footwork. Gradually one-for-one technique placement followed.   Tonight I taught two lock-off positions and a breakaway/counter. This will eventually move us […]

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DFLT on Peek-a-Boo (diary entry)


01.08.17   Tonight my client’s double lesson focused on peek-a-boo boxing tactics and techniques. We began with some footwork using agility markers. We warmed up on basic obstacle jogging and then progressed into footwork patterns, looking at angling and then incorporated bobbing and weaving. This was then brought onto an obstacle pole. This exercise involves the fighter moving under a pole and encourages good bobbing and weaving. I had him retain his peek-a-boo guard and we gradually added on various […]

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Muay Thai Self-Defence (dairy)


20.07.17   Tonight’s lesson brought my client to 10 hour point of his course, completing Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. This is where I like to bring clients back to the self-protection line and look at ways to integrate their attribute training into this area.   This time I looked at one aspect of the fence – a posture termed “the pleading fence” by Geoff Thompson. I mention it briefly on my “Cross Training in the Martial […]

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DFLT approach on Ground ‘n Pound (diary entry)

ground and pound 2

19.07.17   Tonight we continued off the previous lesson’s DFLT approach and looked at the ground. The warm-up began with dynamic stretching, mobility exercises and calisthenics before moving onto partner DFLT coaching.   The ground was split into pins and guard-work; in both instances the fighter experiences fighting from the top and position and then from underneath. He completes three one minute rounds from each position before sparring for three minutes. That means one minute attack only, one minute defence […]

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Eppur si muove (diary entry)


15.07.17   My client decided to focus on western boxing skills today. He takes a buffet-style approach to cross-training with me, having a strong background in various different fighting styles and having achieved a high degree of competency in at least two full-contact sports. He also has a background in academic teaching. The buffet approach isn’t my preferred way to conduct regular lessons, but it does have its advantages with some clients. My sessions with this client always produce interesting […]

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Putting MMA through DFLT (diary entry)

12.07.17   Tonight was my client’s first day back after his holiday. We decided to do an overall look at MMA. Warm-up consisted of light upper and lower body mobility exercises, focusing on shoulders and hips, gradually increasing intensity. Then we worked through a routine of quadruped shoulder circles, dynamic cat stretches, Indian press-ups (increasing in intensity from a dynamic stretch to a callisthenic exercise), plank squats, dynamic Asian squats and Indian squats.   Our technique warm-up began with a […]

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Combining the ranges in Muay Thai (diary entry)

kick jamie

10.07.17   Tonight was my client’s penultimate lesson in Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training.  We looked at bringing everything together from the previous lessons before the final lesson where Muay Thai is brought back to the self-defence line of instruction. Tonight’s focus was in combining punches, elbows, knees and kicks along with the clinch.   We began with mobility exercises, dynamic stretches and calisthenics moving on mirror footwork. We then did some impact conditioning and movement through […]

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Knees and Clinch (diary entry)

Knee strike to stomach whilst grappling

06.07.17   Tonight my client reached the seven and a half hour point of his 10 hour course in Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. We focused specifically on knee strikes and the clinch. The lesson began with some dynamic stretching, footwork and shadow boxing before moving straight onto knee strikes.   We revised the straight and diagonal knee strikes, looking at rhythm and range. Effective knee strikes in Muay Thai work best with flow, which we spent […]

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The Power of Negative Training (diary entry)

impact (smaller)

01.07.17   This morning, my client reached the six hour point of his 10 hour course in Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training.  We spent a lot of time looking at fundamental principles of movement and positioning. My aim was to bring in knee strikes, which is a natural choice of short-range techniques to follow on from last lesson’s elbow strikes. However, in order to do this I needed to feel confident my client had a strong delivery […]

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Bringing out the elbows (diary entry)

spinning elbow

22.06.17   Bringing my client up to the four and a half hour mark of his course in basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross-Training, we focused specifically on elbow strikes. Elbow strikes are by no means unique to Muay Thai, but their diversity is pretty impressive. We covered horizontal, slashing, diagonal, chopping, uppercut, smash-down, spear, side, backward and spinning elbow strikes.   Training began with a warm-up of muscle activation and mobility exercises, including Indian press-ups and single leg […]

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Triangular Entanglement (diary entry)


24.06.17   Tonight’s MMA training focused on some new leg triangle submissions for my client. These included three variations on the heel hook – a favourite a MMA submission, but banned in many submission grappling competitions – and the gogoplata (foot-choke).   We warmed up with some general mobility exercises and grappling-specific calisthenics before moving onto groundwork-specific muscle activation exercises. This moved onto looking at fighting from the top position. In the previous lesson we focused on defending from underneath […]

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Teep and Round Kick – Execution & Countering (diary entry)

shin block

15.06.17   Tonight’s lesson on basic Muay Thai for martial arts cross training brought us up to the three hour mark. We focused further incorporating round kicks into basic combinations as well as working on some of the finer details of execution.   We warmed up with some specific mobility exercises and calisthenics. This began with the simply arm and waist rotations, moving onto the Indian press-up (dands). This excellent exercise is usually reserved for grappling – being a staple […]

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